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WUSV / GSDL British Regional Group                                                                            Established 2010                                                        


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The WUSV / GSDL  British Regional Group - Mission


We aim to promote a sound, healthy German Shepherd Dog,

conforming to the breed standard, which is capable of achieving a

minimum qualification of BH.


  • To promote the health and welfare of the German Shepherd Dog

  • To organise and arrange events for the GSD based on WUSV rules

  • To provide an educational base for sharing information on :-

           WUSV rulesand  regulations, Mandatory Health Issues & Working


  • To promote the GSD as per the WUSV standard

  • To assist members in obtaining qualifications based on the WUSV system:

          BH, AD, IPO 1, 2 & 3, Koerung, Koerung (Lebenzeit/life)

  • To work alongside the GSD League of Great Britain as an affiliated organisation.